Korean Actress Choi Ji Woo Picture Portrait Gallery

Drama: Winter Sonata, First Love,
Can't Lose, The Suspicious Housekeeper,
Star's Lover, Stairway To Heaven, Truth,
Beautiful Days, Twenty Again, Temptation

Woman With A Suitcase, Crash Landing On You (Cameo)
Most Beautiful Goodbye, Air City, Rondo, Eight Love Stories,
Mr. Duke, 8 Love Stories, Fuyu no Sakura (Japanese)
Film: Now and Forever, The Actresses, Like For Likes,
Everybody Has Secrets, Romantic President, First Kiss

Shadowless Sword, The Hole, Hallelujah, Nowhere To Hide


High School Yearbook Photo

A busy actress always on the go,
limos and airplanes seem to be a
way of life ....

Sometimes to help others far away ....


Representative Works
She's Been Acting Since The Mid-1990's
So I Can't Possibly Include Everything! :)

First Love (1996) also starring Bae Yong Joon,
whom she went on to have great chemistry with
again several years later in Winter Sonata (2002)


Truth (2000)

Playing a smart but poor girl, will she accept money
from a rich family to take the SAT for their spoiled
daughter who is a poor student?


Beautiful Days (2001)
With Byung Hun Lee


Winter Sonata (2002)
With Bae Yong Joon

Choi Ji Woo in Winter Sonata -
to date I have re-watched this
drama more than any other!
There's just something about it
that no other drama can touch,
despite it being considered "old" now.
I think it's called ... Chemistry. :)


Stairway To Heaven (2003)
With Kwon Sang Woo


Star's Lover (2008)
With Ji Tae Yu


Air City (2009)
With Lee Jin Wook


Can't Lose (2011)
With Yoon Sang Hyun

Baseball Brought Them Together


The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013)

Not all serious as you might expect -
when there was humor there really
WAS humor! I can never NOT
giggle while watching this scene. :)


Twenty Again (2015)
With Lee Sang Yoon, Won Yong Choi
A drama about moving on after divorce

Learning Your Husband
Has Cheated On You


Woman With A Suitcase (Early 2017)
With Joo Jin Mo


Most Beautiful Goodbye (Late 2017)


Crash Landing On You (2020)
Enjoyable Cameo On This Hit Series


PERSONAL: Choi Ji Woo Married A Non-Actor
At Age 43 in 2018 - Have A Wonderful Marriage!
Her Daughter was born May 16, 2020!


Now in her mid-40's I still look forward to any new
acting job Choi Ji Woo chooses to do - I love her
beauty, intelligence, class, and humor.