Sh**ting Stars
tvN (2022) 16 Episodes
Romantic Comedy / Melodrama
Grade: B
Korean Drama Review by Winnie, USA


Sh**ting Stars (2022) is a story of Hallyu stars and those around them who promote them and sometimes have to clean up after their public messes. The drama's story really isn't too original but the best thing about this drama are all the guest stars making cameo appearances, some we haven't seen for awhile, like Choi Ji Woo, Kim Seul Gi, Moon Ga Young, Kim Dong Wook, and others.

Choi Ji Woo, Cameo in Sh**ting Stars
Looking As Beautiful As Ever!

The Story:

Oh Han Byeol (Lee Sung Kyung, It's Okay That's Love) is the Team Public Relations Leader for the PR Team One at Starforce management company, which promotes the most famous drama stars in Korea. Gong Tae Seong (Kim Young Dae, Forbidden Marriage) is Starforce’s biggest star but occasionally gets himself into trouble, public messes which Han Byeol has to clean up. Therefore Han Byeol and Tae Seong do not get along very well. They even went to college together and didn't get along back then either.
Their relationship continues to evolve over time, of course (or it wouldn't be a Korean drama), and eventually the two admit their romantic feelings for one another. Afraid of reliving the abuse from fans that Han Byeol endured in college, and knowing that the criticisms will be that much more intense because of Tae Seong’s increase in fame, Han Byeol wants to keep their relationship a secret. Tae Seong reluctantly agrees. 

With the help of their co-workers and friends in the industry, the two overcome many obstacles working side by side. The series ends when their relationship is discovered by a reporter and Han Byeol makes the decision to acknowledge it publicly.

This series was just okay for me. It was on the bland, predictable side. The cast was good looking but that alone can't draw an audience for very long. The ratings in Korea for this drama didn't even reach 2% for tvN, despite all the guest stars. Maybe it would be more an ideal show for a younger audience than an older one. When you've seen over a hundred Korean dramas many of them can become the "same old, same old", like Jill often says, no matter how many delightful guest stars show up in cameos.