Korean Actress Yoo Jung Kim Picture Gallery

Drama: Moon Embracing The Sun, Cain and Abel,
Tamra The Island, Temptation of An Angel, Road No. 1
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, May Queen,

Angry Mom, Dong Yi, Painter of the Wind,
The Dirge Singer, Formidable Rivals, Belle, Beloved Sister
Queen Seondeok, Iljimae, Golden Rainbow, Freezing Point
Princess Hours, Secret Door, Clean With Passion For Now
Gyebeak, Mom I'm Sorry, Backstreet Rookie
Lovers Of The Red Sky, Chicken Gangjeong (2023)
Film: Lump Of Sugar, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance
Rainbow Eyes, Possessed, Paradise, Commitment
Thread of Lies, Haeundae, Joy, Because I Love You,
Circle Of Atonement, Golden Slumber (Cameo)
The Eighth Night, 20th Century Girl
Reality; Young Actors' Retreat (2022)


Gorgeous Music from
The Moon Embracing The Sun


Over the years ....



Lump Of Sugar (2006)

Yoo Jung plays the younger version of Su Jeong Im.
She is 6 years old here in her first movie.

Tamra The Island (2009)

10 years old

Dong Yi (2010)

11 years old

May Queen (2012)

Yoo Jung acting up a storm at 12 years old in May Queen
The Moon Embracing The Sun (2012)

Yoo Jung at 1
2 to 13 years old on the left and
co-star So Hyun Kim on right

Golden Rainbow (2013)

14 years old

Secret Door (2014)

15 years old
Another version of the story about
King Yeongjo and his son Prince Sado
whom he executed in a rice chest

Angry Mom (2015)

Escaping Bullies
16 years old

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (2016)

17 Years Old
With Park Bo Gum

"Whenever we had romantic scenes
he was so handsome I felt like I was fainting." :)


Clean With A Passion For Now (2018)

This drama was delayed from 2017 to 2018
since the actress was diagnosed with thyroid
disease and needed medical treatment first


Backstreet Rookie (2020)
With Ji Chang Wook


Lovers Of The Red Sky (2021)


Young Actors' Retreat (Reality 2022)
Reunited With Park Bo Gum, Ji Chang Wook, Chae Soo Bin