Young Actors' Retreat
KeyEast - Studio Flow (2022) 8 Episodes
Reality, Grade: A
Review by Jill, USA

A delightful variety / reality show of only eight episodes, available to watch on VIKI, Young Actors' Retreat (2022) combines the cast members of three popular Korean dramas of the past few few years, and we enjoy their reunions as they travel to different areas of Korea to enjoy various amenities together. It was particularly nice to see actor Park Bo Gum, back from military service, reuniting with his leading lady Kim Yoo Jung from 2016's Love In The Moonlight, a big hit at the time. I also enjoyed seeing actress Chae Soo Bin (A Piece Of Your Mind) again from that production as well; she always makes me smile.

Also included were former cast members from Itaewon Class (2020), including its leading man Park Seo Joon (Parasite), and the musical short K-drama The Sound of Magic (2022), starring the charming actor Ji Chang Wook (Healer, Empress Ki, If You Wish Upon Me). The cast here cooked food together, played games, did skills like zip-lining, invited regular folk to come and meet them. Quite heart-warming and fun. This is the kind of reality show one can enjoy while waiting for the next episodes to arrive of their scheduled current Korean dramas. I watched episodes while waiting for three currently running dramas to update. It helped pass the time. Check this fun show out, you'll be glad you did!