Korean Actor So Ji Sub Portrait Picture Gallery

: Glass Slippers, We Are Dating Now,
What Happened In Bali, Warm & Cozy,
I'm Sorry, I Love You, Cain and Abel,
U-Turn, Road No. 1, Master's Sun
One Sunny Day, Oh My Venus
Delicious Proposal,
Ghost,Terius Behind Me (2018)
Reality: Little House In The Forest (2018)
Film: Sophie's Revenge, Rough Cut, Battleship Island
Can't Live Without Robbery, Millennium Curse
Always, A Company Man, Be With You (2018)


If It Wasn't For So Jisub and Su Jeong Im Making Me Fall In Love
With Korean Dramas Way Back In 2006 in I'm Sorry, I Love You (2004)
I Would Have Missed Out On One Of The Biggest Joys Of My Life

You Never Forget Your First

An Essential Classic K-Drama

The One Korean Actor I'd Like To Clone For Myself :)

So Jisub doesn't ALWAYS like stuffed animals ....

I think he REALLY prefers beautiful girls, like Shin Min Ah ...

Or Gong Hyo Jin ...

So Jisub Imagines The Wonder Girls
and Rescues A Disturbed Soldier in Master's Sun (2013)

Or with one cool distant look ...

So Jisub is basically a loner,
who spends every Christmas
alone with a bottle of vino ....
then it's off to a studio to play
a loner ... life imitates art ....

Starting Out In The Early Days
Delicious Proposal (2001) with Ye Jin Son


His best friend actor-singer Park Yong Ha
committed suicide in 2010 and So Jisub
paid for the funeral and burial himself ...
a true friend. He wept for days.

This leaves him his oldest and best friend
actor Seung Hun Song ...

People consider actor Seung Ho Yoo "So Jisub Jr" --
can't say I blame them! They've become buddies.

Working with the pretty ladies is sure nice ...
like Han Hyo Joo, Su Jeong Im, Kim Ha Neul ...

Han Ji Min ...

Not to mention Ha Ji Won and
Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang

One Sunny Day (2015)
Web Drama with Kim Ji Won


But the best thing about So Jisub is his sense of humor!
He can be hilarious when he wants to be! Like when he
hammed it up at the SBS Awards when he won for Master's Sun :) 

But Still Works Hard At His Craft ...
Getting Down and Dirty (no, not THAT kind)
With Song Joong Ki in Battleship Island (2017)

Or Reuniting with Ye Jin Son After 17 Years
in the film Be With You (2018)
You'd better be sure I'm not gonna miss this one! :)


Thanks to So Jisub for getting me interested
in Korean dramas. Saranghae!