Korean Actress Kim So Yeon Picture Portrait Gallery

Drama: All About Eve, IRIS, Athena: Goddess Of War
Two Weeks, Dr. Champ, Prosecutor Princess
I Need Romance 3, Falling In Love With Innocence
The Great Seer, Autumn Shower, One More Happy Ending
Film: Russian Coffee aka Gabi, Love Forecast, Seven Swords


In March 2015 Kim So Yeon posted this picture of herself
as Elsa from Disney's Frozen on her Instagram Account!


In 2000 history was made when Kim So Yeon had her first
hit drama, All About Eve, with just a little flavoring of the
old hit Bette Davis American film - she won acting awards
for her role and she was on her way!

Kim So Yeon as a North Korean agent
in the 2009 Blockbuster K-drama IRIS
still the most expensive K-drama ever made.

The theme song sung by Baek Ji Young

is utterly beautiful! I love to sing along.

My favorite Kim So Yeon romantic comedy will
always be I Need Romance 3 (2014). I loved her
chemistry with Joon Sung - I've never seen her
have better chemistry with anyone else on screen.

Music video for In Need Romance 3
Song: Now And Forever by Jo Jung Hee

Kim So Yeon with Park Shi Hoo in the
delightful drama Prosecutor Princess (2010)

The Great Seer (2012)

Falling In Love With Innocence (2015)

The intriguing film Russian Coffee aka Gabi (2012)
was loosely based on a real situation between Russia
and Korea when the trade of coffee was illegal - this
is a brooding, sexy film and I enjoyed it very much.


This is my favorite picture of Kim So Yeon,
only she can be so elegantly sexy in Korea
and get away with it. LOL!


Sexy and practical at the same time -
what's not to love about this actress?