Korean Actress Kim Haneul Picture Portrait Gallery
Her name means Heaven, appropriate for her loveliness

Drama: Secret, Into The Sunlight,
Piano, Stained Glass, A Gentleman's Dignity,
90 Days Time To Love, On Air, Road No. 1
On The Way To The Airport,
Happy Together
Film: Ditto, My Tutor Friend, Ice Rain, Remember You
Ghost, Almost Love, Lovers Of Six Years, Misbehavior
Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds, You're My Pet
My Girlfriend Is An Agent, Blind, Too Beautiful To Lie
Paradise, Don't Forget Me, Doctor K, Bye June, Making Family


I love when I find two different photos on
two different web sites, but they obviously
were taken on the same day

I think these are my two favorite pictures
of Kim Haneul because they are candids,
not model shots - and she's still gorgeous!

High school photo and now


Earliest K-Dramas:
Happy Together (1999)
Into The Sunlight (1999)
Secret (2000)

Ditto (2000)

The First Time I Saw Kim Haneul &
Fell Instantly In Love: Ditto (2000)


Kim Haneul with Lee Dong Gun in Stained Glass (2004)

One of her best scenes: realizing the father she
thought was dead is still alive -- and had adopted
her fiance!


A Gentleman's Dignity (2012) featured
great ensemble acting and Kim was
radiant in her role as a schoolteacher
who falls in love with a confirmed bachelor
played by
Dong Gun Jang

Our Wives Are Too Hot!


My Tutor Friend (2003) with Kwon Sang Woo
Gong Yoo fans should note he has a very early
small role in this film as a troublemaker kid :)

Almost Love (2006) with Kwon Sang Woo again
I liked this movie much better

Favorite Scenes from Almost Love
Love when they run to each other at the end :)


Playing a malevolent girl in
the 2004 horror film The Ghost aka Dead Friend
Still one of my top favorites of her work

Soul Switches - Bad Girl, Good Girl


My Girlfriend Is An Agent (2009)


From On Air (2008) with
the late Park Yong Ha; she
went to his funeral - good girl!


From Road No. 1 (2010) with So Jisub
A powerful Korean War TV drama


90 Days, Time To Love (2006)
Korean Drama with
Kang Ji Hwan


In the incredible film Blind (2011)
with wonderful Seung Ho Yoo, she
plays a blind cop who uses her
other senses to solve crimes

Her seeing eye dog tries to save her life from a killer
If you're squeamish please don't watch


On The Way To The Airport (2016)
Lee Sang Yoon and Shin Sung Rok

Remember You (2016)
With Woo Sung Jung



Miss Kim married a businessman
March 19, 2016 and is due to have
a baby in May 2018


I never tire of watching
this great actress!