Korean Actor & Singer Seo In Guk Picture Gallery

The King's Face  Love Rain,
Master's Sun, I Remember You, Another Parting
Squad 38, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
She Was Pretty (Cameo), Oh My Ghost (Cameo)
Shopping King Louie, Reply 1994,
Reply 1997, The Sons
Some King Of Goodbye, High School King Of Savvy, Abyss (Cameo)
Navillera, Doom At Your Service, Soundtrack 1, Cafe Minamdang (2022)
 Film: No Breathing, I Love That Crazy Little Thing, Pipeline
Wild Dog, Project Wolf Hunting (2022)

Seo In Guk Singing "C'est La Vie"
At the Beginning of Love Rain
Beautiful Voice!


Some Representative Work

Seo In Guk as a 1980 Folk Singer
in Love Rain: Hilarious!


Seo In Guk in a pensive mood
in Master's Sun

As Dog Manners :)

Seo In Guk Nervously Accompanies
Yoori Kim To Her Premiere :)


Seo In Guk with Jong Suk Lee at a press conference
for their film together No Breathing - and waving
to fans for the K-drama Reply 1997


Another Parting
(Full Short Ghostly Drama)


Seo In Guk in his award winning performance
as Prince / King Gwanghae in The King's Face

He finally realizes who he (she, Yoon Hee Jo) is :)


With Park Bo Gum in I Remember You
aka Hello Monster


Shopaholic Louis


Squad 38
Cool Cop Show!


Cafe Minamdang



Seo In Guk entered the military in 2017
but not long thereafter was diagnosed
with an ankle fracture and dismissed
from active duty.