EXO's Travel The World on a Ladder
엑소(EXO)의 사다리 타고 세계여행
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Korean Reality Show - 4 Seasons (2019-2023)
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Grade: A+
Review by Jill, USA

If you love music idol group EXO like I do then do not miss this absolutely fun and joyful travel reality show Exo's Travel The World on a Ladder (2019-2023) where our lovely young singing / acting men travel to various places around the world, including Japan, Europe (including Paris!), the South Seas, and even lovely Korean island getaways Geoje & Tongyeong. I laughed so much at their antics and games that I think I developed some new stretch lines around my mouth that weren't there before! :)

The singers in the group include D.O. (unforgettable as the ghostly Kang Woo in It's Okay, That's Love), Suho (Behind Your Touch), Chanyeol (Memories Of The Alhambra), Sehun (Now We Are Breaking Up), Baekhyun (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo), Xiumin (film Seondal), and my favorite of the singers, Chen (EXO Next Door). Member Kai (Choco Bank) was missing for the late part of the series because of military obligations. I missed him!

The show's producers were constantly tricking them, making them play survival games, creating funny puzzles they would have to compete to solve, holding cooking contests, teasing them with different kinds of foods they may or may not like to eat, or separating them into two different groups and having them chase a mysterious, disguised visitor to figure out his identity. It was also amusing when they were taken to an island hotel and had only four bedrooms to share; who would double up and sleep in the same beds together? I really enjoyed watching them enjoy all the beautiful places they visited, soaking up the culture of different lands.

The only thing I would have wished for was to see them singing together more! Each man's voice is beautiful in its own way (although, as I wrote before, I literally MELT when Chen sings - achingly gorgeous voice!). As you can see in my top favorite song of theirs - Miracles In December. Note when Chen begins to sing at the 48 second mark in the video, and again at the 1:54 mark. Chills, baby!!! :)

If you get serious about watching all of this looooong reality show, several years' worth of episodes, just be prepared that it is probably going to take you several weeks, perhaps even months (depending on your schedule) to finish all of the 4 series. But it is definitely worth seeking out this show if you like to smile and laugh, especially if you've had a hard day at school or at work. I would often put an episode on before bed, so I could fall asleep giggling or laughing, in a great mood. Check it out when you have time, and enjoy!