Choco Bank
Web Drama 6 Short Episodes (2016)
Romantic Comedy, Grade: B+
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA


It takes practically no time at all to polish off this short 6 episode 2016 web K-drama called Choco Bank, (each episode is between 10 to 16 minutes long), starring Kai from boy idol group EXO, and the actress who starred opposite Seung Ho Yoo in The Legend and Operation Proposal, pretty Park Eun Bin. It is always good to see her again.

I've always thought Kai had the best singing voice in EXO (just listen to him sing his part in the song Miracles In December! starting at the 52 second mark -- we're talking CHILLS, folks!), and his acting performance in this web drama as the male lead was pretty good. He has a sweet and gentle quality about himself that is quite appealing.


The show's plot is very similar to other short web dramas centered on someone trying to earn a living making or serving food, like I Order You and Taste Of Curry. For instance, in this typical plot line one person will be running the business (this one based on selling chocolate, of course) and then by accident that character meets up with an unemployed person who loses something valuable that the business owner cherished, like an expensive plate, a secret recipe, or in this case, a wad of money that the main female Eun Bin's character's brother steals from her, inadvertently caused by the lead male character's (Kai) interference in a chase.


The result is that the unemployed person has to work off their debt in the restaurant or shop owner's store. Of course they then fall in love (and hopefully their chemistry is good enough that it doesn't become a yawn fest). Thankfully in this K-drama the adorable charms of the lead actors are enough to carry the show to the nice ending.

Young people and fans of EXO are sure to love this mini-series, and fans of Park Eun Bin (who are growing like crazy due to her fantastic performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo) will be happy to see her play a non-autistic character here in Choco Bank. Enjoy!


  • Kim Jong-in as Kim Eun-haeng
  • Park Eun-bin as Ha Cho-co
  • Park Seo-yeon as young Ha Cho-co
  • Yeon Joon-seok as Bae Dal-su
  • Lee Il-hwa as Eun-haeng's mother
  • Lee Chae-won as Hong Chae-ri
  • Kim Young-hee as Cho-co's landlord
  • Kim Sook as Worker at the bank