Korean Actress Lee Na Young Picture Gallery

K-Dramas: Ruler Of Your Own World, Ireland
The Fugitive: Plan B, 8 Love Stories, Magic Castle
Queen, KAIST, Did We Really Love?
Romance Is A Bonus Book, One Day Off (2023)
K-Films: Please Teach Me English, Who Are You?
Maundy Thursday, Dream, Dream Of A Warrior, Howling
Someone Special, Lady Daddy, Beautiful Days

Eighteen Year Difference In Candids
Still Beautiful :)



Lee Na Young Married Actor Won Bin in 2015
For the last few years Won Bin has been working
on the production end of entertainment projects
but in January 2023 Lee Na Young gave an interview
saying her husband is considering returning to acting.



Ruler Of Your Own World (2002)
With Yang Dong Geun


Please Teach Me English (2003 Comedy Film)
With Jang Hyuk


Ireland (2004)
With Hyun Bin
Honestly, I think this is her best performance.
So raw! If you saw your entire family murdered
before your eyes how could you ever fully recover?

First Encounter On The Plane From Ireland To Korea
(Rare Video Clip)


The Fugitive: Plan B (2009)
With Rain


Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)
With Lee Jong Suk


One Day Off (2023)
Web Drama With Lots Of
Pretty Korean Countryside Scenes


Looking forward to more acting gems
from this talented lady!


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