Korean Actress Gong Hyo Jin Picture Portrait Gallery

"I've never played a rich person - I think it keeps me humble."

Drama: Ruler Of Your Own World, Master's Sun,
The Greatest Question, Pasta, Producer, Snowman,
It's Okay, That's Love
, Thank You, Jealousy Incarnate
Hello My Teacher, Sang-doo Let's Go To School
When The Camellia Blooms (2019-2020)
Film: Happiness, M, Dachimawa Lee, A Single Rider
577 Project, Love Fiction, Mama, Boomerang Family,
Missing, Memento Mori, Volcano High, Heaven's Soldiers,
Door Lock, Sisters On The Road, Family Ties, Crush & Blush,
You Are More Than Beautiful, My Son, No Manners, Surprise Party,
Be With You, Hit and Run Squad (2019), Crazy Romance (2019)
Running Man, 3 Meals A Day, House On Wheels (2020)





Ruler Of Your Own World (2002)
The 1st Drama That Made the Industry Sit Up
And Take Notice Of Gong Hyo Jin :)

Finding Our Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You,
But With A "Nice" Girl!


Sang-doo, Let's Go To School! (2003)
with Rain


Snowman (2003)
with Jo Jae Hyun


Hello My Teacher aka
Teacher and Star Candy (2005)

with Gong Yoo


Thank You (2007) with Jang Hyuk
You will look a long time
before you find another
drama as realistic and
heartfelt as this one


Pasta (2010) with Lee Sun Kyun
A huge international hit for Gong Hyo Jin

First Confession


The Greatest Question (2011)
with Cha Seung Won & Yoon Kye Sang


Master's Sun (2013)
with So Jisub
Yet Another Masterpiece


It's Okay, That's Love (2014)
Gong Hyo Jin with Jo In Sung

Yet Another Masterpiece of writing and acting


Producer (2015)
with Kim Soo Hyun


Jealousy Incarnate (2016)
with Jo Jung Suk

The First Kiss


A Single Rider (2017)
with Byung Hyun Lee
Beautiful Movie!


When The Camellia Blooms (2019-20)
With Kang Ha Neul


After working with all these hot Korean actors, a
gal needs to take a nap occasionally! LOL!

~ A selfie with her camera and shared with fans -
taken during the making of It's Okay, That's Love -
I recognize it because I tracked down that blouse
online and bought it for myself :)

Thank You for all the great performances!
You have brightened up my life immeasurably.