Love Cells
Naver TV (2014) 15 Short Episodes
Fantasy, Romance, Teen, Grade: C+
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Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA


This short drama called Love Cells (2014) is not one I would naturally gravitate to, since it's basically aimed at teens (and I am far from that!), but I read it featured several actors whom I had enjoyed in other shows, including a cameo appearance by Jang Hyuk (Thank You, Chuno, Midas), and the lead female performance by beautiful Kim Yoo Jung (The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Road Number One, Cain and Abel); also appearing is second female lead Nam Ji Hyun (from Sensory Couple, NOT the actress with the same name from Angel Eyes; too many other Korean drama websites get this fact dead wrong, the two actresses look nothing alike!), second male lead Baek Sung Hyun (Stairway To Heaven, Running Shirt), plus a cameo appearance by Kim Woo Bin (A Gentleman's Dignity, Heirs) so I thought I'd check it out. It's also very short, each episode only a few minutes long, so I figured even if I didn't care for it much I wouldn't be out too much of my time.

They plan a sequel to it in late 2015 (update: Love Cells 2). The story is based on a webtoon, the show is clean, no sex scenes or foul language and only a hint of violence.

It is basically a fantasy romance drama (now series) for young people: a 27 year old boy named Dae Choong Ma (Sun Ho Park) is listless, jobless, friendless, and has never dated anyone. (I guessed he must be on welfare). He stays home during the day laying out in the sun and daydreaming his life away, either that or trying to ignore his landlady's demand for rent money. Because of his empty life without love or friends his last "love cell" is about to escape from his body, dooming him to loneliness for the rest of his days. (Personally, as a mother of five adults, I think what the kid needed most was not love or romance, but a good kick in the butt and the removal of his unearned money source, which would motivate him to GET A JOB!).

This "love cell" leaves his body but doesn't want to die so it merges into his black and white cat named Navi. Then the cat becomes a young human girl at will in the form of adorable actress Kim Yoo Jung, who decides to try and motivate lazy slacker Dae Choong into finding romance in his life. This is his last chance and even he seems to realize it. He has a crush on a popular celebrity actress named Seo Rin (pretty Nam Ji Hyun) and so Navi grants his wish to start a tentative relationship with her, despite the fact that she is closer to Chun Ji Woon (Baek Sung Hyun), his chief rival for her affections.

At first Dae Choong is thrilled and giddy about his chance at romance with a celebrity but eventually he realizes the one he really loves is -- you guessed it -- the magical cat-girl Navi. The "King Of Romance" (Kim Woo Bin) is a malevolent being who aims to break them up and even aims a gun at Dae Choong, though Navi saves the day and the threat comes to nothing. Jang Hyuk plays a quirky neighbor to Dae Choong and only shows up in the beginning of the show. He's still as handsome as anything, though, and made me smile. Even short, silly dramas serve some purpose when they give you scenes featuring your favorite actors. When it comes to main actress Kim Yoo Jung, however, this show barely touches the surface of her acting prowess, although she is cute as the cat - girl - love cell. 

Bottom line: if you're a teenager, or an adult who happens to like these actors, check it out. Just don't expect anything too brilliant.