Love Cells 2
연애세포 2
Naver TV (2015) 12 Short Episodes
Fantasy, Romance, Teen, Grade: B-
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

A sequel to the popular Love Cells (2014) teen fantasy romantic Korean drama, Love Cells 2 (2015) carries over the same theme of "love cells" escaping from people's bodies, which makes them incapable of falling in love, and the aim of a female spirit being able to take the form of a cat named Navi, who strives to bring those love cells back to their original hosts, so that they can fall back in love again. Each of the episodes in this series are very short, not more than fifteen minutes each, so you could conceivably watch this entire sequel in one day. I think they are mostly aimed at teenagers, who can watch short K-dramas on their Smartphones or laptops.

In this one, Love Cells 2, we even see the development of a "Love Cell Bank" where young people who behave like emotionless zombies can march in together to obtain some "love cells" so that they can love again .... that scene was funny, it reminded me of the silent film classic Metropolis, where the workers march like zombies to their workplace. "Must Have Love! Must Have Love!" 

In this sequel Navi (pretty actress Kim Yoo Jung, Love Cells 1) wants to return two love cells to a young couple, Tae Joon (Im Seul Ong from Personal Taste), a popular TV chef, and beautiful orange-haired, big-eyed Ye Bom (Jo Bo Ah from Shut Up Flower Boy Band), who were once in love, but when they hurt each other originally their last love cells left their bodies and were placed in Navi instead for safekeeping. She tries to give them back to the couple but they don't seem to want them back, at first -- love is too painful, and they don't want to be hurt again. In addition, they have two contenders to what is left of their hearts, but who are thwarted every time they try to get close to the couple. When your heart is not ready for love, there is nothing anyone else can do to intervene. The desire for love has to come on their own timetable, when they have healed enough to be ready for it again.

I actually thought this second version of Love Cells was better written than the first, which I graded only a C+. Here the actors were a bit older and the story was more poignant because both had been hurt, and ended up hurting others too. Plus it is unclear at the end of this one what happens to Navi, which leaves the series open for number three in 2016! This really is a lightweight series aimed at teens, so if you are older you might wish to skip it, but it's still cute for what it is.