Korean Actress & Singer Yu Ri Sung Picture Gallery

Drama: The Snow Queen, Birth Secret
Hong Gil Dong, Swallow The Sun, One Fine Day
Romance Town, 1st Love Of A Royal Prince, Feast Of The Gods
Bad Girls, My Platoon Leader, 1000 Years Of Love, Monster
Film: Runway Cop, Disciple John Oak, Summer Snow
Emergency Act, How To Keep My Love, A Boy's Sister
Chorogi and the Stalker Guy, Maybe
Variety: Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy?
Is Parting A Recall? (2022, Host)
Singer With Idol Group Fin.K.L. (Fine Killing Liberty)

OST Song "Hello" from The Snow Queen



The Snow Queen (2006)
With Hyun Bin

"I won't be your Oppa ..."


One Fine Day (2006)
With Gong Yoo

Hong Gil Dong (2008)
With Ji Hwan Kang

OST Song: If from Hong Gil Dong


Swallow The Sun (2009)
With Ji Sung


Maybe (2009 Film)
With Jang Hyuk

I thought Yu Ri looked most fabulous
in this compelling movie
; she
should take this cinematographer
with her on every project!


Birth Secret (2013)
With Yoo Joon Sang

What a lovely drama this was, so under-rated!
Yu Ri gave her best performance in it, imo,
and she had great chemistry with her leading man.


Monster (2016)
With Ji Hwan Kang again



Yu Ri married pro golfer
Ahn Sung Hyun
in 2017 in a quiet, private ceremony,
after having dated him for four years.
They now have twin daughters
born in January 2022.

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