Korean Actor Park Hae Jin Photo Gallery

K-Dramas: My Love From Another Star
Doctor Stranger, Cheese In The Trap
Man To Man, East Of Eden, Hot Blood

Heaven & Earth, Famous Chil Princesses
Seo Young My Daughter, Bad Guys
Forest, Klondae Intern, From Now On Showtime
National Death Penalty Vote (2023)
Korean Film: The Snow Is On The Sea, Cheese In The Trap
The Rhythm Of Chopsticks, First Seven Kisses (Web)
Chinese Dramas: Love's Relativity, Another Kind of Special Life
Remember To Marry, Far Away Love
Popcorn, Secret Society of Men



A very young Hae Jin
just starting out



Charity & Representative Works

Hae Jin won the President's Citizen Award in
2015 for his charity work in helping the poor
Various charities have confirmed he has donated
more than 1.5 million dollars to combat poverty,
and has also paid to plant 12,000 new trees in
China to combat air pollution.



With actress Yoo In Ah

With actress Gianna Jun
Life is Hard For Second Male Leads!
You risk your life for her and ...
she ends up with someone else!

In this classic show Park Hae Jin brought
back the popularity of the turtle-neck
sweater - they started selling like hotcakes!

His Most Difficult Scene In This Drama

Park Hae Jin Steals A Scene from Kim Soo Hyun in MLFAS



Who is the REAL Doctor Stranger?
Lee Jong Suk or Park Hae Jin?
I loved this show!

Park Hae Jin's best acted scene
from Doctor Stranger


Bad Guys (2015)

Hae Jin with character actor
Ma Dong Suk


Film: The Snow Is On The Sea (2015)


Cheese In The Trap (2016, K-Drama)

With co-star Go Eun Kim


Man To Man (2017)


Forest (2020)


Klondae Intern (2020)


From Now On Showtime (2022)


If I worked as hard as Hae Jin does,
I'd sure want a little drink, too!

Now that it's time to
stop touching my head,
let's get to signing some
autographs for the fans! :)