Yeong Joo
SBS (2016) 2 Episodes
Family Drama, Grade: B+
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

I really admire Choi Min Soo as a now veteran actor from shows like Sandglass, Father's House, Road Number One, Pride and Prejudice, Faith, The Legend, and knew that I would want to watch him in this short Korean drama too, about a family's redemption and forgiveness of each other (two of my favorite K-drama themes - forget finding them in American TV dramas!).

Thankfully, for a brief while, I was able to find it downloadable on a web site that has since disappeared, and I had to watch it without English subtitles, which probably hampered my enjoyment of the show to some degree but still didn't ruin it for me. I just feasted my eyes on the actors and actresses and rode along smoothly on an interesting dramatic trip. By this time I know enough common Korean phrases to be able to understand what is going on in most scenes anyway. I am not sure where to find this short drama anymore, just check several search engines and including the Hangul title might help.

The Story:

Is it ever too late to seek forgiveness for a past wrong?

Discontented with her simple, boring life in a rural country town, only child Yeong Joo (Kim Hee Jung, The King's Face) left home at an early age, dreaming of making a successful life for herself in the big city. Her efforts prove unsuccessful, and she is eventually forced to return home, with great regret and bitterness.

She starts working in a hair salon operated by her father Man Sik's (Choi Min Soo) old lover named Hae Sook (Han Eun Jung, Full House). The two women develop a rather testy relationship. In a tragic turn of events Yeong Joo ends up accidentally stabbing Hae Sook in an attempt to protect her father from a group of loan shark gangsters. Her father turns against her and she is ostracized from him, causing great harm to Yeong Joo's psyche.


Will she escape to the big city again or stay home and face the music and seek forgiveness and redemption? Can father and daughter ever hope to forgive each other and come together again in peace?

The actors playing father and daughter suited each other very well and had a kind of physical resemblance that made the story all that more believable than the norm. I really wish this short 2 episode drama had better publicity because it was overall very heart-warming and a nice viewing experience.