Naughty Boy
응큼한거 아닌데요
Naver TV (2018)
Romantic Comedy Short Web Drama
5 Short Episodes, Grade: B
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

I watched this amusing short drama for lead actor Ji Seung Hyun, who played the North Korean soldier so brilliantly in Descendants Of The Sun, as well as other interesting characters in Search: WWW, Kang Goo's Story, and the film Ordinary Person with Jang Hyuk. He's not afraid to tackle any kind of off the wall character, whether in a romantic comedy or a more traditional melodrama. He was hilarious and sweet in this short drama. I spent a large part of it giggling as I watched his antics. His facial expressions alone were pricelessly funny (example below). When I looked this drama up online I saw that none of the trivia sites even have this web drama on the actor's resume pages. Too many of these drama trivia sites have too many errors and omissions. I hope some day they fix them.

Do you ever stop to think that there might be quite a few MEN involved in the lucrative business of ladies' underwear? No? Well, after watching this quick little web drama, whose five very short episodes (averaging about 10 minutes each) equal less than an hour's viewing time, you will never NOT consider the possibility ever again!

Every woman needs underwear, and every woman likes stylish but also comfortable underwear proportioned just right for her. We are not all cookie cutter sizes and shapes. Some love underwire bras, others hate them. Some love push up bras, others prefer sports bras. Some women have had breast cancer surgery and need prosthetic bras. Some women like bikini style underpants and others prefer full size. If there is lots of money to be earned in any particular industry you can bet your bottom (pun intended) dollar that men are involved in the industry in various ways, not just women. 

The Story: We meet Byung Tae Jung (Ji Seung Hyun) who is a professional lingerie designer who works for a successful clothing company selling attractive underwear for ladies. He became interested in this career because his Mom had suffered from breast cancer and felt no one designed a bra comfortable enough for her after her surgery.

Because this is his career he can't help but study the various female forms he comes in contact with in his daily life. Even in a coffee shop he is eyeing the ladies, and while they think he is watching them because he considers them attractive, such is not the case at all. He is noticing differences in body measurements and contours of different women, and sometimes even sketches a bra or panties in a notebook that he thinks would be best for each particular woman. When he is caught studying them too intently it often gets him into trouble, and strangers call him a pervert (His family name and his first name together - Byung Tae - actually means pervert in Korean, lol). Then one day he has an accident involving one of these women. The altercation leaves a bad taste in both their mouths.

It's Not Avon Calling!

In the company he works for Tae Jung is often under pressure to come up with new designs and so he sometimes buys ladies lingerie for himself from other companies just to get ideas for his own future designs. Sometimes he even tries the clothing on to see how it would feel on his own body. It is during one of these home deliveries that he once again meets the woman he had the accident with earlier. Her name is Arum (Kim Ye Won) and she operates her own online company selling ladies underwear she has designed. Oh the embarrassment Tae Jung feels running into her again and knowing she now is aware of some of his private activities.

They keep running into each other again, and it seems like fate. Eventually they grow kinder toward one another: after all, they have the same interest! Then when some new designs are stolen at his company she is called in to help replicate their designs and improve them. When they are completed Tae Jung calls in a recommended professional photographer to take pictures of the improved designs, and then both of them realize that the photographer was actually the underwear thief and they catch him together, fair and square. This bonds them even more. Will Tae Jung and Arum eventually be able to have a romantic relationship, due to their mutual passion for quality ladies' underwear? :)

No, it's not Shakespeare but it IS very cute. If you're bored waiting for the next episodes of the longer dramas you're watching to appear, and you need some good chuckles and smiles, check Naughty Boy out. He isn't really a naughty boy - he's just misunderstood. :)  Enjoy.