Korean Actress Su Jeong Im Picture Portrait Gallery

Drama: I'm Sorry, I Love You, Chicago Typewriter
Film: A Tale Of Two Sisters, Sad Movie, Happiness
...ing, Sugar Lump, I'm A Cyborg But That's Ok, Woochi
Come Rain Come Shine, All About My Wife, Time Renegades
Finding Mr. Destiny, Perfect Proposal, The Table, Mothers

❤ The One Who Started My All Things Korean Kraze :)


Actress Su Jeong Im as a child model

Just SOME Of My Favorites - She's Made So Many!

A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)
With Geun Young Moon
This was my first Korean film and
still holds a big place in my heart


I'm Sorry, I Love You (2004)
With So Jisub

This was my first K-drama and
still holds a special place in my heart



Su Films ...ing (2003) and Sugar Lump (2006)
Both excellent films, I cried buckets!


Sad Movie (2005)
With Woo Sung Jung


I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay (2006)
With Rain

Su is already very thin but she lost an
incredible 20 pounds more to play the role!
Now THAT'S dedication to your craft!


Happiness (Haengbok) from 2007
With Hwang Jung Min

Very powerful film! Gong Hyo Jin played the old girlfriend
which was very interesting - when I first watched this film
I had no idea who she was ... yet. :)


Woochi (2009)
With Gang Dong Won
Su was also re-united here with the actress who played
the evil stepmother in A Tale Of Two Sisters, Jung Ah Yum (behind her here)
In real life they are great friends and Su was a bridesmaid at her wedding


Finding Mr. Destiny (2010)
With Gong Yoo from Goblin


Come Rain or Come Shine (2011)
With Hyun Bin


All About My Wife (2012)
She was particularly gorgeous in this film!


Time Renegades (2015-16)
With Lee Jin Wook and Jo Jung Suk
This movie is fantastic!


Chicago Typewriter (2017)
With Yoo Ah In and Go Kyung Pyo
To Me This Is A Masterpiece Drama


The Table (2017) and Mothers (2018)
Gotta See Both Of These Films - They Look Terrific!


Su is the consummate Actress!
But when all is said and done I love the natural Su
the best, without all the glitz and glamour! Then
she reminds me of my favorite character of hers
Eunchae Song from I'm Sorry, I Love You

Thank you, Su, for showing me your nation of Korea
has the best entertainment in the entire world!