I find at this time that I cannot bring myself to create a nice gallery for actor Lee Min Ho. I used to be such a big fan, but he has disappointed me. I'm a mother of five and I know very well that millions of teenage girls around the world worship the ground he walks on. He should be very well aware of this fact too.

The reason for my disappointment? His decision to make an absolutely filthy, perverse, and violent film in 2014 called Gangnam Blues. I watched it knowing it would be violent (and I usually turn my head away toward particularly violent scenes in movies) but I had no idea just how violent it would be -- showing him turning into a mass murderer who relished chopping off a man's genitals in a pool of blood while the man screamed in death throes is NOT my idea of "entertainment". The fact that he made a video "shout out" on online sites, to encourage young people to watch him in this abomination of a film, made me even more angry. Other actors have made risque films, but they didn't target an audience base of young female fans to watch these films. I don't think anyone under 21 should watch the film, it's disgusting. Heck, it was even disgusting for me and I'm an adult!

I had really enjoyed his performances in Personal Taste and Faith. Those were two sweet love stories I could warm to. I didn't much care for him in City Hunter or Boys Over Flowers or Heirs.

If he makes an effort to perform in more wholesome stories from now on, knowing he has a moral responsibility toward the millions of young people who think he's the best thing since the moon landing, then I will reconsider creating a nice gallery for him.

But this page will remain just as it is, with its condemning tone, until I see him develop more responsibility toward choosing cleaner entertainment for his fans. He is going to have to answer to God someday for the filth he made in that heinous movie and for encouraging young people to watch it. Shame. In this day and age families desperately need wholesome entertainment, not Satanic garbage. Grow up and grow wise, Lee Min Ho. Other Korean actors seem to understand that it doesn't make them "grown up" and "mature" to make disgusting films and shows, but rather the opposite. The ones who strive to make inspiring and clean entertainment are the ones to applaud and support.