Korean Actor Do Young Seo Pictures Gallery

: Spring Waltz,
Friend Our Legend
Yaksha, Thorn Birds, Unstoppable Marriage
Emperor of the Sea, My One and Only
Backflow, Beautiful You, Spring Spring Spring!
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang, Enchanting Neighbor
Amnesia, Revenge Flower, Miss Mama Mia,

Reverse, Gangnam Scandal, Want A Taste?

Film:The Poem of Jeolla

Music: My Darling Clementine
from Spring Waltz (Yiruma)


Selected Representative Work

Unstoppable Marriage


Friend Our Legend


~ And now we come to the most beautiful, romantic Kdrama ever made ~

Spring Waltz

Scenes Filmed In Austria On Location

~ 8 Year Reunion
With Co-star Han Hyo Joo ~
Love that look they give each
other, so much affection there,
so many great memories of a classic

Two Examples Of Do Young's Great Acting Skills

From Spring Waltz


The Thorn Birds


Invincible Lee Pyung Kang


Do Young in dramas Backflow,
Beautiful You, Fabulous Neighbor


Gangnam Scandal


Want A Taste?



Seo Do Young married in 2010
to a private citizen named Lim
who is not in the
entertainment biz

I love this actor but he keeps doing these
loooooong weekend dramas with over 100
episodes and I can't spend that much time
on anything. For instance here are the eps'
numbers for some of his dramas:

Unstoppable Marriage: 140 episodes!
My One And Only: 128 episodes!
Enchanting Neighbor: 120 episodes!
Beautiful You: 122 episodes!
Backflow: 119 episodes!
Gangnam Scandal: 123 episodes!
Want A Taste?: 124 episodes!

Please Seo Do Young, how about a
nice 16 episode regular drama
for a change!??? :)