Korean Actor Woo Sung Jung Picture Gallery

Padam, Padam, Asphalt Man
Athena: Goddess of War, Oxtail Soup,
1.5, Goodbye Papa (Japanese)
Delayed Justice, Tell Me That You Love Me (2023-24)
Film: A Moment To Remember, Sad Movie, Daisy
A Good Rain Knows, The Good, The Bad, And The Weird
The King, Reign of Assassins, Scarlet Innocence,
Innocent Witness, Steel Rain, The Warrior, Don't Forget Me
 Intention, Illang: The Wolf Brigade, Beasts That Cling At Straws
Steel Rain 2: Summit, Hunt, Spring Of Seoul,
Director: After You Left Me, You Just Don't Know, Sad Love
A Fool, EGO, The Killer Behind The Old Man
Producer: Don't Forget Me aka Remember You


America's Clark Kent never looked this good!

Filming a coffee commercial with Su Jeong Im,
whom he starred with in Sad Movie, and a
lovely, dreamy solo portrait



Asphalt Man (1995 Classic K-Drama)

My three favorite romantic Woo Sung Jung films:
Daisy and A Moment To Remember and Sad Movie
Co-starring Gianna Jun & Ye Jin Son & Su Jeong Im


With Han Ji Min in the K-drama
Padam Padam


Woo Sung Jung (far right) with his cast-mates
Byung Hun Lee (far left) & Song Kang Ho (to his right),
plus director Kim Jee Woon attending the premiere of
the exciting epic The Good, The Bad and the Weird


The Greatest Chase Scene In Cinema History


A Good Rain Knows
Woo Sung Jung Spoke Quite A Bit
Of English In This Movie -
It Was Cute


Remember You
aka Don't Forget
With Kim Ha Neul
Good film but kind of sad


Innocent Witness
With Kim Hyang Gi from
A Werewolf Boy, Revenge Note,
The Queen's Classroom,
Woo Sung Jung plays a lawyer
trying a murder case whose
chief witness, a young girl,
is autistic


Delayed Justice
With Kwon Sang Woo


Tell Me That You Love Me (2023-24)


The Alpha Male Korean Actors like Woo Sung Jung have
all the class and hubris the younger flower boy actors
lack - Korea should never put them out to pasture!