Wednesday 3:30 PM
수요일 오후 3시 30분
SBS Plus (2017) 10 Short Episodes
Romantic Comedy
Grade: B
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

I'm such a dog lover that when I happened to see a snapshot of this puppy as one of the cast members of this short romantic Korean drama, Wednesday 3:30PM (2017) I just had to stop everything else I was doing and watch it. :)

The Story: If you can't get over your ex-boyfriend who broke up with you, how do you recover and go on with your life, and even possibly - by some miracle - try to win his heart back?

The drama begins with humble office worker Seon Eun Woo (Jin Ki Joo) getting dumped rather cruelly in a coffee shop by the man she was engaged to, Baek Seung Gyu (Ahn Bo Hyun). It happens on a Wednesday at 3:30 PM, a time that supposedly represents the moment when a girl or woman will look her most drab and unattractive. With her eyes all swollen with tears Eun Woo seems to fulfill that prophecy.

Eun Woo gets a bright idea about how she might win Seung Gyu back, and she enlists the help of a male friend named Yoon Jae Won (Hongbin), who works at the coffee shop, to pull her scheme off. She pretends she has started a physical relationship with Jae Won and puts lots of cute pictures of them together on social media, with fun personal accounts of how they spend their time together, hoping that Seung Gyu will take notice and become jealous.

Jae Won, meanwhile, becomes distraught when the coffee shop he is taking care of (and apparently living in) for his own romantic interest (Cha Jung Hwon) while she is out of town, is almost destroyed by a fire, and by accident through a misunderstanding, he ends up sharing the apartment of Eun Woo's, which throws them together much of the time.

Of course -- you guessed it -- the Close Proximity K-drama Cliche works all too well again, and these two friends, Jae Won and Eun Woo, start to develop real romantic feelings for each other. He even gifts her with a new puppy (whom I wanted to steal through the screen).

However, Eun Woo's scheme DOES work all too well, and her ex-boyfriend becomes jealous and starts to stalk her on the internet and in reality, too. What will Eun Woo do if Seung Gyu wants her back? Who will she chose to partner with romantically when her feelings about both men are now mixed up in her head and her heart?

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Cast According To Physical Types

This short drama was so predictable that I feel I could have written it in my sleep, however if you are a newbie to K-dramas you will probably be quite charmed by it, and it might seem fresh and fun to you (more than it did to me, quite honestly).

Give it a try if you're in the mood for something light and breezy and fun. The cast is cute (the main couple reminded me in physical appearance of the main couple in 2012's May Queen) and will no doubt charm you.