Waltzing Alone

혼자 추는 왈츠
KBS Special Drama (2017)
Romantic Melodrama, Grade: B

Stars: Moon Ga Young, Yeo Hoi Hyeon
Review by Jill, USA

Recently finished an interesting KBS Drama special called Waltzing Alone (Oct. 2017) starring lovely Moon Ga Young from Mimi. Also a young actor who was new to me, Yeo Hoi Hyeon, who did a good job in a difficult role.

Our Mimi is certainly growing up, no more teenager, and part of me felt sad over that change; she will always be Mimi to me, no matter what else I ever watch her in. 

The theme of this drama special is a sad one: a young couple dating for eight years since high school and they're still trying to find good jobs in the corporate world. Then they end up competing for the same exact job in the same exact prestige company - what will happen? Will one be noble and sacrificial and bow out to let the other one land the job, or will someone turn completely selfish and try and grab the job for themselves, regardless of the person whom they claim to love?

Coolest Shot In The Drama
Who Will Get The Job?

The one real cringe-worthy moment in this drama comes when the female character is applying for a position early on and one of the older (obviously sexist) male interviewers turns harsh and says, "What if you end up pregnant? You ARE having sex with your boyfriend, aren't you?" and she pauses, struggles for something to say, and really puts her foot in it. "Well then I'll just have to erase it." Eeek! I am not sure I completely recovered from that moment throughout the hour special, and a drama that ordinarily might have ended up with an A went down to a B immediately.

But see for yourself what you think of it. It does seem topical to a lot of the younger Korean generation who are struggling to get ahead in the corporate world when there is so much competition for even the most basic entry level jobs. You can watch here if you like from the KBS video stream on YouTube (above). There is an unusual ending that I didn't see coming, so if you like to be surprised check it out.