28 Moons
Web Drama Junk (2016)
Grade: F

Atrociously badly written, acted, produced, 28 Moons (or 28 Faces Of The Moon, 2016) ties the awful Killer Girl K (2011) as the worst Korean drama I've ever seen. Okay, so I know it was just a web drama, partly funded by Japan and China, so maybe the Koreans aren't entirely to blame for its dreariness and stupidity, but still it's not worth one minute of your time, no matter who made it or starred in it. The actors must have been desperate for work to star in this trash.

It was originally put online in 10 minute segments and then for some unfathomable reason Netflix picked it up and put it into two 1 hour stupid, boring episodes. Thankfully it didn't last long on that site.

I am not joking but within the first ten minutes I started yelling at my television screen, "What the hell am I watching?" I thought, maybe it will get better? It got worse. Such treacle! For five minutes after it was over I was still grumbling and went to get a glass of cold red wine to chill out.

Briefly, the story is about a young man whose fiance dies and then he stumbles upon her exact doppelganger working at a florist's shop and he keeps showing up at her shop with a morbidly sad look on his face, so it looks like she is growing to care for him over time. He brings her a dead plant and she cradles it and makes it well again. (cough, cough!) Then after a bunch of useless scenes like that we slowly start realizing, through a series of very bad flashbacks ("Five Years Earlier, Seven Years Earlier, Eight Years Earlier", yawn!) that she had loved this man for a long time even before he met his fiance, that she had sometimes stood in for her during their meetings, and let's just say this ... she wasn't very sad that the real fiance had died. Ugh!

I'd make a worse face than this
if I had to star in this trash!

At first shocked at this exact doppelganger, who shows up when they celebrate the dead girl's birthday, the man's friends and the dead girl's relatives eventually come to accept her and .... the new couple get married, with all of them cheering this couple on, pretending that the original girl had come back to life. Then the whole cast assembles for a photograph together. The End. Boo, hiss! Calgon, take me awaaaaay!

This pile of trash starred (?) Kim Kyu Jong, Yang Jin Sung, Kang Tae Hwan, and Geummi (she was the only one I really knew, from the FAR more superior Korean drama Six Persons Room (2014). Watch that instead of this garbage.