One More Time

헤어진 다음날
Netflix (2016) 8 Episodes, 30 Min Each
Romance, Spiritual, Time Travel
Grade: B

Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

"Remorse is the poison of life! Dread it,
whenever you are tempted to err, Miss Eyre."
- Edward Rochester, Jane Eyre


A pleasant and simple, though hardly original, short Korean drama sponsored by Netflix, One More Time (2016), starring Kim Myung Soo (L) from Angel's Last Mission: Love and Ruler: Master of The Mask and Master's Sun, tells the story of an aimless, financially struggling, young musician named Yoo Tan, who is always falling behind on his rent and scrounging for food, who jumps into a romantic relationship with a pretty girl named Da In (Yoon So Hee) who attends his band concerts.

Yoo Tan is handsome but he's not very wise: when a music company finally offers him a contract he doesn't accept because he doesn't want to sacrifice his musical ideals to conformity. O ... k .... This would immediately cause him to not have to run from the landlady anymore, but he still hesitates. Yoo Tan definitely has some growing up to do!

After several years go by Yoo Tan seems bored by Da In and they start to fall away from each other because of his lack of commitment (small wonder). Only the audience soon discovers that Da In had a terrible car accident while crossing the street, which killed her, so Yoo Tan guiltily spends the second half of the story repeatedly going back in time to try to prevent her accident and save her life.

However, Da In keeps dying, no matter what he tries to do to save her, and with all his repeated attempts he realizes what a fool he had been before in not committing to her. Will he ever be able to succeed, and live a normal life with the girl he loves, or will he be doomed to constantly go back in time to try and save her from her fate? Will he ever see success in his professional life as a musician?

There are a few pleasant songs, and the acting from the young cast is good, but this is hardly a drama you'll want to watch more than once, unless you are a diehard L fan and want to drink him in with your eyes again (can't really say I'd blame you). ;)

Check it out if you're his fan or if you like time travel, spiritual types of romances. Enjoy.