Jin Jin
KBS Drama Special (Dec. 2013)
Murder Mystery, Grade: A
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

Doing a search one afternoon for easily accessible dramas and films featuring cutie pie actor Kim Da Hyun (Hello My Teacher), I fell into watching this 2013 intriguing one hour KBS drama special called Jin Jin, a well written murder mystery created by the masterpiece K-drama Shark (2013) team, Kim Ji Woo (scriptwriter) and Cha Young Hoon (director). Since I had loved Shark a lot I figured this might be another excellent suspense story, and I was right. It left me guessing up until the last five minutes who the real murderer was, and what their real motive was. You can watch the drama here if you like, since it's embedded on the page, below.

The Story: Friends Seo Ha Jin (Yoon Jin Seo, Sensory Couple), Jang Yoo Jin (Shin So Yul, Cheongdamdong Alice), Moon Tae Suk (Kim Da Hyun) and Kyoung Chul (Lee Si Yeon, Hyde Jekyll and I) all attended the same high school. Due to a mysterious incident that each friend was not truthful about, which resulted in the suicide deaths of their homeroom teacher and Ha Jin's mother, Yoo Jin disappeared, however the other three friends stayed in touch over the years and eventually Ha Jin and Tae Suk became romantic partners.

Ten years later Yoo Jin reappears in their lives when they are adults, having written a best selling novel under the pen name Jin Jin, and wanting to re-acquaint herself with her old high school friends. However, soon thereafter, Yoo Jin herself turns up dead and the police, led by a detective named Park Dae Sik (Kim Min Sang, Tunnel), suspect they have a murder on their hands, which is corroborated by an autopsy showing poison ingestion.

The other three friends are each now suspects in the case. Through use of flashbacks, and a process of elimination, the real murderer and their motive(s) are revealed at the conclusion. If you like to be mentally challenged by a solidly written murder mystery then check this drama special out. It's very cleverly done!