Korean Actress Yumi Jung Picture Gallery

Drama: Que Sera Sera, Discovery of Romance
I Need Romance 2012, Queen Of The Office, Live, Reply 1994,
The Lady In Dignity, Dating Agency: Cyrano, Five Star Hotel
Film: Train To Busan, A Bittersweet Life, Our Sunhi, Cafe Noir, Psychokinesis
Family Ties, A Million, Manhole, In Another Country, Himalayas, The Table



Representative Work

Que Sera, Sera (2007)
With Eric Moon

The Famous Elevator Kiss Scene
Never Get Tired Of It, I Laugh Every Time :)

Eric and Yumi have exceptional
chemistry together in this drama ...

and in their next drama ...

Discovery Of Romance (2014)

These two Korean dramas should be
watched back to back or concurrently,
they're so delectable! I want another
pairing! How about it, Korea?


Isn't the drama's theme song gorgeous?

I really wish they had ended up together!


Train To Busan (2016)
Worldwide Hit Zombie Movie
With Gong Yoo & Kim Su-an & Director Yeon Sang Ho

Husband Sacrifices Himself To Save His Pregnant Wife
Don't Watch If You're Squeamish ;)


Psychokinesis (2018)



A Gorgeous Picture Shoot for Harper's Bazaar In Chicago in 2017