Korean Actor Yoon Shi Yoon Portrait Gallery

Drama: Me Too Flower, Flower Boys Next Door,
The Prime Minister And I, Baker King Taeku Kim,
High Kick! 2 and 3, Romance Full Of Life
Mirror Of The Witch, The Best Hit, Grand Prince (2018)
Film: Mr Perfect
Television Reality: Main Cast - Barefooted Friends


Black hair or Red - which do you like better?

For all the girls who like bare chests on the male stars ....
I live in the South and see it all the time so it doesn't faze me,
but enjoy ... heeeheee


Yoon Shi Yoon in Me Too, Flower (2011)

Yoon Shi Yoon in Photo Spread
With Actress Park Shin Hye (2013)
Promoting Drama Flower Boys Next Door

Iconic Funny Spying Scene with Yoon Shi Yoon
wearing a panda suit in Flower Boys Next Door
This show is so much more fun than dopey Heirs

Watch Enrique (Yoon Shi Yoon) Turn Into A Panda :)
Best Moment In The Drama


Yoon Shi Yoon takes a serious turn
 in The Prime Minister And I (2013-14)


Yoon Shi Yoon - Serving His Country (2015)
Released Spring 2016


Mirror Of The Witch (2016)

The Best Hit (2017)

Grand Prince (2018)

Enough with the sageuks, Korea!
Get this comic genius back into
modern romantic comedies!!!


Yoon is addicted to books. He has over 2000 books at home.
He reads books all the time while on breaks. Even his co-stars
are reportedly impressed with the extent of his reading knowledge.

Appearing on SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment in 2013
Yoon Shi Yoon revealed just how much he loves his books.
Here he is on the program entering a used book store on
the lookout for a copy of The Little Prince by
Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
He's also fluent in Japanese as well as his native Korean language.
Altogether a wonderful young man!