Korean Actress Min Jung Lee Picture Gallery

Drama: Midas, Cunning Single Lady, Big
Boys Over Flowers, All About My Romance, Smile You
Come Back Mister, Just Love, Who Are You?, Love & Sympathy
Film: White Night, Cyrano Agency, Love On Air
Searching For The Elephant, Moodori, Someone Special

Song: Because It's You from Big

Min Jung in High School



Min Jung married actor Byung Hun Lee in 2013
and they had a son in 2015


Representative Work

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Min Jung played "Monkey"
who was supposed to become
engaged to Lee Min Ho, but it
fell apart. She brought a lot of
fun to her part, however, and
she was my favorite character!


Midas (2011)

An intelligent, unique K-drama
about corporate ambition vs true love

With Jang Hyuk


Big (2012)

With Gong Yoo

Could you fall in love with an 18 year old boy
trapped inside a 35 year old man's body?


All About My Romance (2013)


Sly And Single Again (2014)
aka Cunning Single Lady

A delightful rom com about
a divorced couple who discover
they still love one another after years apart

With Sang Wook Joo

When The Honeymoon Is Over
Tough Scene


Come Back Mister (2016)
With Rain


Don't duke it out with Min Jung
for comedy, you'll lose! She's a
great comedienne!