Korean Actress Min Jung Lee Picture Gallery

Drama: Midas, Cunning Single Lady, Big
Boys Over Flowers, Fates and Furies, All About My Romance, Smile You
Come Back Mister, Just Love, Who Are You?, Love & Sympathy
Film: White Night, Cyrano Agency, Love On Air
Searching For The Elephant, Moodori, Someone Special

Song: Because It's You from Big

Min Jung in High School



Min Jung married actor Byung Hun Lee in 2013
and they had a son in 2015


Representative Work

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Min Jung played "Monkey"
who was supposed to become
engaged to Lee Min Ho, but it
fell apart. She brought a lot of
fun to her part, however, and
she was my favorite character!


Midas (2011)

An intelligent, unique K-drama
about corporate ambition vs true love

With Jang Hyuk


Big (2012)

With Gong Yoo

Could you fall in love with an 18 year old boy
trapped inside a 35 year old man's body?


All About My Romance (2013)


Sly And Single Again (2014)
aka Cunning Single Lady

A delightful rom com about
a divorced couple who discover
they still love one another after years apart

With Sang Wook Joo


Come Back Mister (2016)
With Rain


Fates and Furies (2018-19)


Don't duke it out with Min Jung
for comedy, you'll lose! She's a
great comedienne!