Korean Actress Hyo Joo Han Picture Gallery

Drama: Spring Waltz, Shining Inheritance
W, Dong Yi, Iljimae, Heaven & Earth, Non-Stop
Film: Always, Postman To Heaven, Love Lies, Jin-Roh (2018)
Masquerade, Love 119, Beauty Inside, Golden Slumber


Although she is pretty all gussied up
this is the girl the way I like her best!

The imp, the gamin ...

  ... Loafing around with Joong Ki Song,
Our Werewolf Boy ...

Or perched on a chair with Jae Joong Kim,
our Postman To Heaven ...

This is her true nature coming out ...

The joker, the prankster,
the irresistible one!

She's even brutally honest:
"I'm nervous about kissing Jae Joong
because he's younger than me." LOL!

Postman to Heaven - First Kiss


Having a happy moment with Seung Gi Lee
in Shining Inheritance

A chilling scene where she attempts to commit suicide
taking her disabled younger brother with her - great acting!


The girl I fell in love with
in Spring Waltz was perky
as well as pretty!

Clowning with Daniel Henney on
the set of Spring Waltz

Can't Hold It In Any Longer Kiss - Spring Waltz
With Seo Do Young


Teasing So Jisub in Always ...

Or laughing with Jo In Sung after
shooting commercials together --
(These two need to be in a drama or
film together like ... um .... YESTERDAY!)
What's wrong with Korea? Make It Happen!

Clowning with Go Soo in her most
modern performance in Love 119
She plays a paramedic who is sharp,
bright, and funny ... delightful!

She's always delightful when she plays comedy!


Then we have her vintage stories where
she plays girls in the past - I like her better
playing modern girls! See her expression
here? This is how I felt watching Masquerade
I literally don't remember a thing about this movie, LOL!

What a hairdo in Dong Yi -- and no aspirin
in those days for a headache caused by all that
extra weight on your head! LOL!


The Beauty Inside
All the Woo-Jins fall in love with her!

In W a Kdrama that started out interesting
but then in my opinion putzied out.
Not her fault, but the writer's.

In Love, Lies, she delivers a very complex performance,
obvious from these trailers


This is my favorite picture of
Hyo Joo Han, pure modern girl!
I look forward to more great
performances from her in future