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Korean Actress Soo Hyun Hong Picture Gallery

Drama: The Princess' Man, Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love
Temptation Of An Angel, Lie To Me, Only You
History Of A Salaryman, Goodbye Wife
Film: Rough Cut, Insadong Scandal, Fate
Reality: Roommate


Soo Hyun, are you
channeling Audrey Hepburn?


Soo Hyun showing off her beautiful
costumes for Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love (2013)

Soo Hyun gave us a magnificent
performance in The Princess' Man (2011)

Soo Hyun took a turn at comedy
in the delightful Lie To Me (2011)

And a turn at campy contemporary
melodrama in History Of A Salaryman (2012)

In Goodbye Wife (2012) Soo Hyun plays a nun! She was quoted,
"This is my first time to play a nun who pledges her life for God.
It was an extraordinary experience. When I'm wearing a nun's cloth
I can feel cleanliness."

Soo Hyun was bright and warm in the
reality show Roommate (2014) for the
first season, but when she left, I left too!
It just wasn't the same show for me anymore.