In Loving Memory
Korean Actress Lee Eun Ju
(1980 ~ 2005)



Some Representative Works

Drama: Phoenix, KAIST, Look Back In Anger
White Nights 3.98, Start
Film: Lovers Concerto, Garden Of Heaven
Taegukgi, Rainbow Trout, Au Revoir UFO
Unborn But Forgotten, Ahmijimong, Yeca
Bungee Jumping Of Their Own, Scarlet Letter


KAIST (2000)


Bungee Jumping Of Their Own (2001)
With Byung Hun Lee


Lovers' Concerto (2002)
With Ye Jin Son and Cha Tae Hyun


Garden Of Heaven (2003)
With Ahn Jae Wook


Phoenix (2004)
With Lee Seo Ji and Eric Mun


Taegukgi (2004)
War Film With Jang Dong Gun & Won Bin


The Scarlet Letter (2004 Last Work Before Suicide)


What Happened To Film Star Lee Eun-ju?
By Acclaimed Poetess Kim Seung Hee (1952 - )

What happened to film star Lee Eun-ju, I wonder?
They said that after a first attempt at suicide,
that didn't succeed, she took decisive action
a second time, and finally ended her life.
They said she firmly shut the door to her room
the day she died, as if to shut out the world.

Some people always look melancholy somehow;
She was like that, blue as a blue height.
They said she was earning a lot.
They said she was renting a house by the month.
They said she was depressed.
They said she was a Christian.
They said she felt ashamed for playing
a nude scene in the film The Scarlet Letter.
They said there was no knowing in the end
why she did it, but she wrote a letter to Mom,
"I'm sorry, Mom."

Somewhere there is someone in charge
of the color blue.
There's a dull
but there's also a vivid
A white horse high as the sky
lightly carries the color
It waves, bearing on its wings
a crystal coffin.
Enough! Quickly, look, look!
Fly away, do!