Korean Actress Kim Go Eun Portrait Gallery

"Instead of being an actress whom everyone adores,
I'll try and become an actress with great skills.
watch me grow."

Drama: Goblin, Cheese In The Trap
The King: Eternal Monarch, Yumi's Cells
Little Women (2022)
Film: Monster, Memories Of The Sword, Eungyo, Byeonsan,
The Advocate, Never Die Butterfly, Canola, A Muse, Coin Locker Girl
Sunset In My Hometown, Tune In For Love, Hero, Pamyo (TBA)

From Goblin OST: "First Love"

My Favorite Picture Of Her


Provocative or Sweet Girl Next Door:
Kim Go Eun can play either type well

Glamour Shot vs. High School
Pretty either way!


Selected Representative Work

Eungyo (2011 Film)


(2014 Film) with Min Ki Lee

I first saw her in this movie and
was mightily impressed by her
performance as a disabled girl
stalked by a maniac killer
Min Ki scared the daylights
out of me in this role! Literally!

Apparently I wasn't the only one impressed,
for this film really made producers take notice
of her, really for the very first time.


Memories of the Sword (2015 Film)

With co-star Junho


The Advocate: A Missing Body (2015 Film)
She gets to play a lawyer and does very well!


Kim Go Eun with Park Hae Jin
in Cheese In The Trap (2016),
her first K-drama. I thought
they had great chemistry.

She has her arm clasped by a cut out of Park Hae Jin - LOL!

With Seo Kang Joon & Park Hae Jin


Goblin (2016-17 Drama)
Worldwide Hit
With Gong Yoo

And Lee Dong Wook joins in! :)


Byeonsan aka Byeon Mountain (2018 Film)
Park Jung Min & Director Lee Joon Ik
The story of a hip hop artist & rapper who returns to
his hometown and establishes new ties with his
old elementary school friend


The King: Eternal Monarch (2020 Drama)

With Lee Min Ho
His First K-Drama After Military Service


Little Women (2022 Drama)



Beautiful Girl in Beautiful Snow!