Wetlands Ecology Report
aka Swamp Ecology Report
KBS (2012 Drama Special) Grade: B
Korean Drama Review by Winnie, USA

Several male friends in their twenties, who have finished or about to finish college in Seoul, live together in a basement room of an apartment house in the city of Seoul, and all of them are struggling for money. One of them named Choi Goon (Sung Joon) is eagerly awaiting to hear if he will receive a scholarship to an art school to further his education. He is set up on a blind date with a rich socialite lady named Yoon Jung (Goo Jae Yee) and she seems to like him but she has committment issues. Choi Goon's friends (Lee Jae Won, Jung Young Ki, Kim Chang Hwan) like to hang out in billiard rooms to pass the time. Their dreams of improving their lives seem to be in trouble. Can anything, or anyone, help them out, and help them improve their lives?

I watched this for Sung Joon but the rest of the cast was good, too. You can watch it on YouTube, above.