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My Romantic Some Recipe
마이 로맨틱 썸 레시피
KTH Web Drama (2016) 6 Short Episodes
Fantasy Romance, Grade: B
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

Yet another sweet, short, and fun Korean web drama to watch, while you wait a week for the next episodes of your longer current favorites to be broadcast, My Romantic Some Recipe (2016) starts out with a heroine who is easy to get on your nerves because she seems so peculiar, so flighty, so silly, but soon enough in the story she mellows, grows up, and suddenly you find that you are 100% in her corner as she searches for her one true love. The actress Joo Da Young was perfect for this role -- very pretty, too! First male lead was Cha Eun Woo (Revenge Note) who is a boy idol with the group Astro. He did well in this short drama, too. 

The Story:

We are introduced in a funny way to a girl named Mi Nyeo (
Joo Da Young) who is a college student living on her own, and working in a cafe part-time to pay her bills. She has never dated anyone and is rather a misfit and a loner. She longs to have a boyfriend, but knows nothing about how to acquire one. She has a crush on a good looking boy who often eats lunch at the cafe, named Kang Jun (Ahn Ji Hoon), and she tries to flirt with him, but without any success. Another part time worker girl also tries to get him to notice her, but he doesn't express an interest in her either, mainly because it's obvious she already has her own boyfriend, one who is constantly following her around.


Outside of the cafe stands a giant cardboard cutout of Astro boy idol Cha Eun Woo. We are to suppose that he is a favorite of the cafe owner. One night the depressed Mi Nyeo gets drunk and brings the cutout of Eun Woo to her apartment, and at first she uses it as a weird dance partner, but eventually, as she cries herself to sleep, and a single tear drops on the Eun Woo cutout, we discover that the real Eun Woo has magically emerged from the cutout! When he comes out of the cutout it is only plain white: his image is gone.

Dreaming In The Cafe's Window,
But Who Is She Dreaming Of Here?
Kang Jun or Eun Woo?

When Mi Nyeo wakes up the next morning she sees Eun Woo in her kitchen making some porridge for himself, and she screams. He doesn't even blink twice and tries to lecture her on her spartan lifestyle and diet. Guessing correctly that she doesn't know how to cook, he writes up recipes for her and leaves them taped to items inside her kitchen cabinets. Eun Woo doesn't even seem concerned that he emerged from a cardboard cutout -- we are to learn later that he thinks it's all a dream.

As Eun Woo and Mi Nyeo become friends and confidants she seems to grow less interested in the boy who keeps visiting the cafe. Eun Woo teaches her how to act and what to say in order to grab his attention, but this time in cool ways. She takes his lessons to heart and soon sees some success, but in the end will she still want the man who rejected her constantly, or the cool boy idol who has become her loyal friend?

Then one day when Mi Nyeo and Eun Woo go to a park, and lay down in the grass to get some sunshine, her landlady back at the apartment finds the white cutout, thinks it's something that should be ripped apart because it's just garbage taking up space for no good reason, and she promptly tears it in two.

Back in the park, while Mi Nyeo had gone temporarily to get some snacks, Eun Woo begins disappearing on the grass. When she comes back he's totally gone. She is heartbroken. After a few weeks the boy at the cafe whom she was originally interested in asks her out, but she says, "Sorry, no, I'm in love with somebody else." Now here is a girl who finally knows her own mind, but she can't do anything to get back together with the man she loves. Then a coincidence on the street causes Mi Nyeo to spot the REAL boy idol Eun Woo emerging from a building, surrounded by screaming girl fans. Will he remember Mi Nyeo, or was it all just a forgotten dream to him?

Altogether the six episodes are about an hour long, so you can easily watch this one in one evening. Enjoy.