One Fine Week
aka 7 Days Of Love
7일만 로맨스
Whynot Media (2020) Web Drama
10 Short Episodes
Romantic Comedy, Grade: B
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

A sweet web drama aimed at teens' and twenties' K-drama fans, One Fine Week (2020) has a lot of pleasant moments to enjoy while you are viewing it, and the acting is decent among the young cast, but in the long run this mini K-drama is rather forgettable. You always know the best K-dramas because they stick in your mind and heart for a loooooong time after you've seen them. With this one I barely remembered any scenes from it after only a few days had passed since I finished it. I had to go refresh my memory to write this review. ;)

The Story:

A college student named Da Eun (Seo Ji Soo in a dual role), who works in a coffee cafe to earn a part-time wage, is rather bored with her life, but keeps plugging away trying to do the right thing always. Her co-worker Ji Han (Park Gun Il) owns the store and his little sister Ari (Park Seo Yeon), who is idol obsessed, hangs around a lot making a general pest of herself.

Ari discovers that Da Eun has a remarkable resemblance to a current girl idol named Byul (Seo Ji Soo again). When Da Eun goes to deliver food to the company that represents idol Byul the representative there is shocked to see the resemblance too. Since Byul is recently suffering from depression he comes up with the idea of asking Da Eun to double for Byul so that Byul can have a rest and hopefully recover from her mental problems and stress. Da Eun, always kind, agrees to do just that.

Two Look-A-Likes Switch Places

The two girls switch places and then -- of course! -- end up falling in love with two boys they never would have considered falling in love with before: Byul as Da Eun falls in love with Ji Han who owns the coffee cafe, and Da Eun as Byul falls in love with a current boy idol named Jung Woo (Shin Jun Seop). Only boy idol Jung Woo is also going through a mental crisis of his own due to some crazy female stalker fan who has been wearing a mask and threatening him. He imagines her around every corner (and he isn't too far wrong!). He has trouble resting at night, even in the fanciest hotels.

The more down to earth Da Eun spends time with celebrity Jung Woo, due to their working on the same professional project, and experiencing a rare dreamy life of luxury, the more she grows to care for him. She can see he is suffering from some fear and needs someone to give him calm friendship and support. He in turn appreciates her natural kindness and learns to rely upon it. Of course he thinks he is falling in love with Byul, the girl idol, not a girl who works at a coffee cafe. Byul also changes, while experiencing the preciousness of a calm everyday life, something she hasn’t felt in awhile as a girl idol. Little Ari easily catches on that the girls have switched places and promises to keep the secret. Meanwhile Byul appreciates the calm strength of Ji Han, who always has comforting words for her and a kind smile.

What will happen if the media catches on that a switch has been made? What will the obsessed female stalker do when she finds that boy idol Jung Woo has fallen in love with someone? Will Jung Woo's life be put in danger, and thereby Da Eun's as well? Tune in to find out! Enjoy this cute web drama.