jtbc (2015) 20 Episodes
Historical Melodrama, Grade: C
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

While Maids (2015) wasn't the best historical drama I've ever seen (that honor goes to Chuno), it had its interesting moments; however they were few and far between and I struggled to complete this show; it took me weeks, off and on, when I am usually a marathoner when I really fall in love with a show. Maybe I would have liked it more if I had watched it as my 10th or 20th K-drama, but not when it was my 203rd, and I have practically seen everything of value already made in the last fifteen years.

My main reason for giving it a rather poor grade of C was that I didn't see any exciting chemistry between the leads, actor Oh Ji Ho (Chuno) and Jung Yumi (she played the evil sister in Rooftop Prince). It felt forced to me, and lacked tenderness. There was only one kiss in the entire show. The opening moments turned me off, as he placed a rope around her neck and dragged her with violence in an attempt to harm her because she had become a slave. This is supposed to be evidence of a man capable of "love"? LOL. Maybe to sadists, but not normal people.

I really do think there are people today, mostly men, who get off watching scenes like this one in sageuks that degrade and cause violence to women. Of course they would protest mightily if you said that to them, but I really do think it's true in a lot of cases. They don't know how to effectively deal with the complexity of most women so live out their fantasies watching these kinds of shows. All I can be thankful for is that I live in the 21st century when women can fight back against abuse, vote, have rights to property, business, choose to have children or not, and to tell a bad-ass guy to "Cojo!" ("Get lost!" in Korean). Honestly, you're not going to miss much of anything by avoiding this sageuk.

Sorry, didn't buy their relationship for one moment

The Story: Gook In Yub (Jung Yumi) was a former noble lady who became a slave after her family are branded as traitors. She had befriended fellow servants and among them was a stoic and secretive man named Moo Myung (Oh Ji Ho). When her fate takes a turn for the worse their relationship changes from noble and servant to equals as slaves / servants. They eventually fall in love with each other, but get entangled in political and class turmoils. She uses her wits to survive and he uses his physical strengths and good looks. Yawn. Seen it all before. This show could really have been kept at 16 or even 12 episodes and told the same story. Moral is: thank God you were not born in the Joseon Era! The ambiguous ending does not help matters.

Really, folks, if you love actor Oh Ji Ho, go watch his masterpiece
Chuno instead! At least that show depicts him as a good, even great man who is kind toward women. This show did not show him off to his best advantage and I'm actually surprised he took the job! (Probably sold a bill of goods at the time by producers).