Let Us Meet
만나게 해
KBS2 (2017) One Hour Drama Special
Themes: Modern Historical, Romance, Comedy
Grade A+
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA
Video Embedded Below

Totally enchanting, and sweetly amusing, with a bit of a serious edge to it, Let Us Meet (2017) is a modern historical KBS2 Korean Drama Special available to watch for free on YouTube (Video Embedded Below). At only about an hour in length it can be easily enjoyed when you are in-between watching other, longer dramas. The two lead actors, Jo Bo Ah and Son Ho Jun, had perfectly magical screen chemistry together in this drama, and made me smile and even shed a few tears at its beautiful ending. Their faces shone with love!

The story takes place in 1937 Seoul (then called Gyeongseong) and the sets and clothes reflecting that time period were amazing. They really helped bring that time period to life, when Japan actually controlled the country of South Korea. I ended up loving this Drama Special so much that I re-watched it only a few days after viewing it for the first time. It definitely deserves its A+ rating from me! Maybe someday they'll cast these two wonderful actors together in another series. I would be thrilled! There's no faking this kind of chemistry!

The Story: (Some Spoilers)

Lee Soo Ji (Jo Bo Ah) is a free spirited young lass living in 1937 Seoul (Gyeongseong) and she works in a small convenience store owned by a funny female friend named Jin Eun Ok (Jung Yi Rang). One night, after purchasing her favorite romance magazine, she walks past a nightclub named Venus and sees a big party going on. Very curious, she enters the building and sees well-to-do couples dancing and having a good time. A nice young fellow asks if she wants to dance and she says yes, but then throws caution to the wind and dances wildly, attracting everyone's attention, including the man who had arranged the party, a matchmaking company CEO named Cha Joo Oh (Son Ho Joon). She is thrown out of the party by him but she doesn't really understand why.


She decides that she wants to marry a well-to-do prospect, and improve her standard of living, so she goes to the matchmaking firm, dressed to the nines, and plops down her life's savings, requesting the CEO's personal attention to find her a decent husband. She lies about her status, however, claiming to own the convenience store she only works in as an employee. CEO Joo Oh tries to find some good husband prospects for Soo Ji but each one he brings forth lacks appealing traits, to say the least.

As time goes on it becomes obvious that Soo Ji and Joo Oh have actually started to fall in love, though neither one will admit it. When the Japanese who control the city decide to lie to the young women of marriageable age and offer them a chance to vacation in China and learn marketable business skills, but with the real intent of kidnapping them and forcing them to become "comfort women" overseas, Soo Ji, on the outs with Joo Oh, agrees to go. As she stands at the train station about to board the train with a large group of Korean young ladies it suddenly is revealed that they will never be allowed to return to Gyeongseong! They become hysterical and are forced onto the train by the Japanese soldiers. Joo Oh had learned the truth about the real intent of the Japanese and he races to the train station in order to save all the women, but especially Soo Ji. Will he succeed?

Enjoy this beautiful Drama Special! It has become one of my top favorites.