Hot and Sweet
뜨겁고 달콤한
Web Drama (2016) 8 Short Episodes
Romantic Comedy, Grade: C
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

Definitely a Korean web drama aimed at teenagers, Hot And Sweet (2016) doesn't have much substance to it. Most grown ups would probably get bored quickly and check out, but for some reason I didn't. (Maybe I was just too lazy to turn it off, haha). This thing was filled with typical K-drama cliches, so there were no surprises at all for the long term K-drama fan, and I would suggest you skip it unless you're a young newbie fan. At first I wasn't even going to write a review for this, but sometimes people give me feedback that my reviews help them avoid the comparatively few turkeys that are out there, and they are grateful for the warnings, so I decided to go ahead and spend a little bit of time reviewing this yawnsville yarn. :)

The Story:

Park Min Joon (Choi Min Hwa) is a college graduate who for some reason doesn't like competing in the corporate world and prefers to be a food entrepreneur (we learn later he worked in a traditional restaurant where he got his training in that field). He invests in his own food truck restaurant and parks it on a deserted beach (we hardly ever see anyone walking there or any customers, but that is a typical K-drama cliche too). He even sleeps in the truck at night. (Doesn't look comfortable to me). Sometimes he awakens to these two kids who like to tease him and ask for freebies. (They provided me with the only laughs in this thing).

Then one morning Min Joon wakes up to these kids telling him that some strange female is painting something on the side of his food truck, and he races around to see what is going on. There he meets a crazy college student artist girl named Joon Young (Yuna) who is painting his restaurant name on the side with all kinds of fancy, artistic pictures surrounding the text.

Amazed, Min Joon admits it's actually "not bad" (most people in real life would have had a hissy fit that some stranger was painting on their truck without permission!). She runs away, embarrassed, but is back the next day, being a general pest again, asking for a hamburger but then having no money to pay for it. She suggests she be his employee and work for him to pay her debt. I'm not sure why (except she's very pretty) but he's taken in and agrees. She somehow obtains a tent (when she lost her wallet and has no money) and sleeps in it at night, though once in awhile has some temporary company. ;)


Then as they get closer -- you guessed it - an old girlfriend of his comes back into his life and offers him a job in her new Italian restaurant. He would be paid well and have a future there. He quickly makes a decision to stay where he is: he is happy living on the beach, with this strange girl he works with, while serving no customers. O...k....

All ends happily and lovey dovey and boy, was I glad when it was finally over! It really wasn't a complete failure -- it was just mediocre.