100 Days My Prince - Korean Drama Fan Review

Best Mistake
최고의 실수
Naver TV Web Drama (2019-20)
Sixteen 8 to 10 Minute Episodes
Series Sequel Planned
Teen Romance
Grade: B
Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA

Always on the look-out for some short web K-Dramas, or K-Drama specials, to watch, while I'm waiting for new episodes of longer dramas I am watching to arrive on the schedule, I try and seek out some shows I wouldn't ordinarily pay much attention to, to fill in the time gaps. A friend posted that she liked this short teen drama, Best Mistake, so I decided to check it out. I didn't know any of the cast; they were all young actors just starting out, but they did a half-way decent job with their characterizations. This drama was based on a mobile phone video game of all things, and was quite popular with young people online.

As usual I became partial to the Second Male Lead in this story (why do they always do this to me???) but the First Male Lead grew on me too, as the story progressed. I read that a sequel is being made during 2020, premiering in the summertime, and I will probably check that out too when it arrives, just to see - finally! - who the female lead will end up with when the story concludes. They basically leave it open in series 1, which came as no surprise to me. I'm seeing more and more open endings these days in all kinds of Korean dramas. I'm getting kind of - unhappily - resigned to them. Sigh. At least it's a little more tolerable when I know there will definitely be a sequel, and in a timely manner.

The Story:

High school student Kim Yeon Do (Lee Eun Jae) has a persistent problem: a boy she doesn't like, from another school she used to go to, keeps stalking her on the street, and trying to ask her out on her cell phone constantly; he just won't leave her alone, and she is getting very annoyed about the situation, and slightly edgy as well.

Her best girlfriend has an idea that she should choose a picture of any boy online on the school's social media and send it to her stalker, claiming that she has a boyfriend already. She does this, but the picture she happens to choose to send, of a boy with his face half-hidden, is none other than Ji Hyun Ho (Kang Yool), a rather wild but popular schoolmate of hers, who changes his hair color often so she didn't recognize him. He invariably finds out what Yeon Do did and the next day confronts her in front of her classmates at school. "Are you my girlfriend?" he demands. Yeon Do is shocked.

To apologize for her lie she says she will bring him a bread snack every day as penance, since he loves bread. He's keen on this, and lo and behold, begins to feel closer to her as time goes on and he sees her good qualities. She's loyal about bringing the bread every day, she's compassionate, and for the most part she stays out of trouble and studies hard at school. When the scary stalker guy gets bolder, and confronts Yeon Do even more, Hyun Ho stands up to him and his bully friend, and gets beaten quite badly. Now Yeon Do is starting to fall in love with her new knight in shining armor. Of course.

The closer Hyun Ho and Yeon Do become, the more jealous a schoolmate of theirs (Park E Hyun) becomes, a girl who has had a crush on Hyun Ho for a long time. She tries to cause problems for Yeon Do at school and loses her temper quite frequently. She starts gossip about Yeon Do that isn't true. At the same time another boy at the school (Yoon Jun Won), who is quite nice and obviously favors Yeon Do himself, tries to become more friendly with her, sensing that she might need some intercession from a true friend, to help her out against her various bullies. He is a true Peacemaker. She calls him either Class President or Sunbae, both respectfully. In turn he confides to her about his various hopes and dreams (one is to become a tattoo artist of all things), and she draws closer to him too. (I kind of liked his personality best of all - just the kind of boy I would have liked best in high school). :)

Who Will Yeon Do Choose In The End?
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!
Stay Tuned For Series Two!

Several twists and turns in the plot, not very unpredictable I'm afraid, come to a soft, friendly, but open conclusion, awaiting the sequel to give us full closure on all the students' romantic lives in the story. If you're a young person - or young in heart - you might like this one, even though it doesn't break any new ground in KDramaland. Honestly, I was sometimes bored with it, but I liked the kids in the cast and kept watching anyway. Give it a chance.