Old Goodbye
오래된 안녕
MBC Drama Special - 2014 - 1 Episode

Time Travel, Romance, Fantasy, Grade B+

Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA


The two Jangs, actor Jang Hyuk and actress Jang Nara, were reunited for a special one hour K-drama Special called Old Goodbye (2014), after performing together in the popular Korean drama Fated To Love You. The special has the same director, Kim Hee Won. (I never have plans to watch that drama, even though I like the actors, because I don't like shows centering on one night stands, especially when they result in pregnancy. Especially if they think that's funny. I don't think so. If I want to watch that kind of junk I'd watch American TV garbage, but I don't). :)

However, this haunting Special K-drama is a time travel romantic fantasy (love those kinds of stories a la Somewhere In Time), with beautiful gentle music, in which a married couple have a second chance at life and love, to try and avoid future tragedies by means of a magical object. Will it work? Will there be a happy ending? This show ended up being my 150th K-drama completed. It's definitely romantic, but sad too. You might want to have a hankie ready.

The Story: Does a love brought together by destiny necessarily mean it’ll be forever? Kang Soo Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) meets Han Chae Hee (Jang Nara) at an ocean cliff one day, and she takes a photo on her Polaroid camera to commemorate their meeting. So begins a relationship that leads to marriage, but divorce follows two years later when Chae Hee steadfastly refuses to have children despite Soo Hyuk’s pleading.

Three years later, Soo Hyuk learns that Chae Hee is on her deathbed at the hospital due to complications from her diabetes. She plans to leave Soo Hyuk their marital home because she has no other family. At the home, Soo Hyuk finds the Polaroid camera that was Chae Hee’s constant companion in her aspirations to become a professional photographer. When Soo Hyuk discovers that the camera gives him the ability to try to correct his past mistakes, will it be enough to save their destined love?

This drama used to be on YouTube but the Copyright Gestapo succeeded in taking it down. Enjoy.