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Beauties Of Korea

Those of us who are big fans of Korean television dramas always take notice of the often stunningly beautiful locales the stories are filmed in. I've put together a collection of some of these magnificent places in South Korea, many of which have become popular tourist locations because of the dramas. Scroll down and enjoy these exquisite places in photographs, and with lovely music if you'd like. Feast your eyes and have fun! - Jill @ kdramalove

I will start with Jeju Island, which is pretty much known as the main island Korean folk like to honeymoon on. I think it's so beautiful it rivals Hawaii in the United States. I'll post some pictures I love. Many Korean dramas are partially filmed on Jeju, like My Girl (2005), Loving You (2002), Jeju Island Gatsby (2015), the web drama One Sunny Day (2015), All In (2003), and Tamra, The Island (2009); Tamra was the old name for Jeju. Here is some music from Tamra's Opening Title OST to listen to while you enjoy gazing at the pictures. Don't rush, take your time and notice details. So beautiful!

They filmed a scene from When A Man Loves (2013)
at this red lighthouse location

They filmed many scenes in All In (2003)
K-Drama at this location on Jeju

Lady sea divers have been a tradition
on Jeju Island for centuries

Tamra, The Island (2009) Screenshots

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